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The People that have an Incomplete Wish List is as follows: Gaats, Ravene, Krystalll, and Windfist ~Updated 2/10/12~
The people that need a Wish List all together are as follows: Arturio, Nakayubi ~Updated 1/08/12~
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    Info on Joining


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    Info on Joining Empty Info on Joining

    Post  Tiffeny on Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:56 pm

    Before Joining you should read all Rules to the forums and our LS rules, if you do not agree to them turn back now. Not kidding we will not bend any rules for anyone.... So be sure to read them

    Next you should contact a Leader, leaders are posted in the Hierarchy.
    After you have been pearled you need to Register if you haven’t already and notify a leader when you have done so.


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