MoonLight Reverie

An Aby/Dyna Shell of Fenir

The People that have an Incomplete Wish List is as follows: Gaats, Ravene, Krystalll, and Windfist ~Updated 2/10/12~
The people that need a Wish List all together are as follows: Arturio, Nakayubi ~Updated 1/08/12~
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    Post  Tiffeny on Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:09 pm

    The shell started back in 2005 as a social shell only we had our good times Smile In early 2011 it was decided to become a dyna/aby. Even though we lost our original name SeducedByMoonlight when we transferred from Unicorn the main core still lives on. We are a fun loving shell our main goal is to get people the items they want and have fun while doing it Very Happy


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