MoonLight Reverie

An Aby/Dyna Shell of Fenir

The People that have an Incomplete Wish List is as follows: Gaats, Ravene, Krystalll, and Windfist ~Updated 2/10/12~
The people that need a Wish List all together are as follows: Arturio, Nakayubi ~Updated 1/08/12~
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    Read befor posting new Q & A!


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    Read befor posting new Q & A! Empty Read befor posting new Q & A!

    Post  Tiffeny on Sat Jul 02, 2011 4:54 pm

    This Q & A section is for Questions about the shell only!
    Please be sure to read all the past Q & A before posting a new one. Your question may have been asked already and answered already! Also please post in new topic only, replies are for answers only in this section duh! Razz Furthermore be sure that you question is in the title of topic. EX. "What is the best way to contact a leader?" Topics like "help" and "sup" for example will be deleted immediately.


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